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Canadian Co-operative Association
The national association of Anglophone credit unions and co-operatives in Canada, representing national, regional and provincial organizations.

Concentra Financial
Providing financial intermediary and trust services throughout Canada with the exception of the province of Quebec.

Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA)
The national trade association and central finance facility for credit unions in Canada.

Trade association and service organization for Saskatchewan’s credit unions.

Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation
CUDGC is an independant, in-system regulator for Sask. credit unions, and guarantees to all depositors, repayment in full of all deposits.

Collabria Mastercard

Lafleche Credit Union has partnered with Collabria to provide our members with a credit card product as a service or benefit to your relationship with them. Collabria provides members with 24/7 Cardholder Service, access to account information online through MyCardInfo and round the clock fraud monitoring and protection services for your credit card. Collabria also receives and processes your card payments and manages collections on delinquent accounts.

Sunstone Retirement Specialists
Lafleche Credit Union has partnered with SunStone Retirement Specialists to provide our members access to this trusted financial service company with the experience, the products and services to help them plan for their retirement. For more information on SunStone Retirement Specialists and how they can help you, please contact your branch.

A dept of the Federal Government that receives, analyzes, assesses, and discloses financial intelligence on suspected money laundering, terrorist financing, and threats to the security of Canada.

Provincial Credit Union Centrals
Provincially, local credit unions may hold membership in a “Central,” which provides important corporate financial services, development support. Centrals also constitute important links to government and to the national co-operatives.

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