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I’m having trouble installing the new Lafleche Credit Union mobile app

What is two-factor authentication (one-time passcode)?

What if I didn’t receive my one-time passcode?

What if I received two one-time passcodes? Which do I use?

What are push notifications?

What are the requirements for my username?

What are the online banking password requirements?

Can two people use the same email address or cellphone number for access?

I don’t have an email address or cellphone. Can I access online banking?

Can I change my username?

I’ve forgotten my username; can I still use online banking?

Do I have to type in my PAN/debit card number every time I log in?

What is the secure messaging feature?

I’ve locked myself out with too many password attempts. What do I do now?

There’s a star on one of my accounts. What does it mean, and how can I change it?

My autodeposit setup migrated over, but I got a message that my e-Transfer could not be automatically deposited. What should I do?

Where do I find my eStatements?

How do I stop receiving paper statements?

Can I print out transactions from online or mobile banking?

I made a bill payment yesterday but it has not cleared my account. What do I do?

Mobile App: Can I access the mobile banking app with Touch ID or Facial Recognition?

Mobile App: Does Touch ID prevent others from getting into my account?

Mobile App: Are there any shortcuts to seeing my account balances without signing in to my mobile app?

Inquire by phone, email or in branch for more info.
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Inquire by phone, email or in branch for more info.
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