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The Global Payment Mastercard offers you the convenience, flexibility and worldwide global acceptance of a traditional Mastercard credit card.  Global Payment Mastercard can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted including shopping online, and accessing cash at an ATM.  But, unlike the traditional Mastercard credit card, the funds are automatically moved from your credit union account to pay off the balance after the transaction is completed.  Global Payment Mastercard is a convenient extension of your account and is only available through your credit union.

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Collabria Mastercard® Credit Card

Lafleche Credit Union is pleased to offer Collabria Mastercard credit cards to our members. Members can choose from 8 personal credit cards and 3 business cards, allowing you the flexibility to pick the card that best fits your needs.

Personal Cards

  • LCU Collabria Cash Back Mastercard
  • LCU Collabria FlexRate Mastercard
  • LCU Collabria Centra Gold Mastercard
  • LCU Collabria Student Mastercard
  • LCU Collabria Classic Mastercard
  • LCU Collabria World Mastercard
  • LCU Collabria Travel Rewards Gold Mastercard
  • LCU Collabria US Dollar Mastercard

Business Cards

  • LCU Collabria No Fee Cash Back Business Mastercard
  • LCU Collabria Low Rate Business Mastercard
  • LCU Collabria Platinum Business Mastercard

For more details on the cards, benefits, card holder support and how to apply, visit  Collabria Credit Cards , call 1-855-341-4643 or visit your local branch.

Once you receive your MasterCard, you can access your account information through My Card Info . Through this secure login you will have access to check current balances, review recent activities, verify previous payments, make a payment, view eStatements and more.


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