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Browser Requirements

Supported Browsers:

Supported Browsers:

To maximize your website and Online Banking experience, and for your Internet security, we recommend using the latest supported browsers.  Please note that we do not support beta or test versions of browsers.  We recommend using Google Chrome for the best user experience.

  • Google Chrome *recommended browser: This website supports the latest version of Google Chrome. 
  • Mozilla Firefox: This website supports the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. 
  • Safari: This website supports the latest version of Safari.  Note that Safari is intended to be used only on Apple devices.
  • Microsoft Edge:  This website supports the latest version of Microsoft Edge. 
  • Note:  Internet Explorer is not supported.  Please use an alternate browser option for accessing our website and Online Banking. 

Please note that in downloading the supported browser, you acknowledge that these are third-party sites.  We cannot take responsibility for the consequences of you downloading browsers.

SSL Encryption

To access our services, your browser must also support 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.  All the browsers we support meet this requirement.  If yours doesn’t, please download the appropriate encryption support from your browser’s supplier.



Accessibility Statement:

We are committed to ensuring our online services are accessible to all users.  The information below suggests how to obtain the best user experience on our website and explains what we have done to make the website accessible.

Adjust your computer’s settings for a better experience

You can improve your online experience by customizing your computer’s settings to meet your individual needs.  For example, you can increase the size of all fonts or change the colour scheme.

Keep your browser updated

How we have made our website accessible

Contact us if you have trouble using our website