Fraud Alert

Many Canadians are lured by the excitement of a surprise win and find themselves sending huge amounts of money to claim a fake prize. Here is a true story of what happened to one Credit Union member.

A credit union member responded to a link that she received on Facebook Messenger in regards to lottery/sweepstakes winnings. The member has “won” $100,000 USD but needed to pay a fee to collect her funds (“red flag”). She could not afford the fee so the “agent” name of Lusino Daineal graciously offered to assist her. The member then received a Central 1 Credit Union cheque for $12,450 which she deposited thru Remote Deposit Capture and was then to e-transfer the funds back to the lottery agent to claim her winnings. The member e-transferred $6,000 to the agent. The cheque was returned a few days later as counterfeit item. This resulted in a loss of $6,000 to the member. The member filed a report with the RCMP who is investigating the fraud.

Remember to always protect yourself with these helpful tips.

  1. Legitimate lotteries do not require you to pay a fee or tax.
  2. Never send money to anybody you don’t know or trust.
  3. Do not provide personal banking details to anyone that you don’t know and trust
  4. Examine all the terms and conditions of any offer carefully.
  5. Ask yourself did I enter this contest?

For additional information about common scams and what to do if you are a victim please visit Competition Bureau Canada – Preventing Fraud


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